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Data Flows and the JSI Negotiations

Industry worldwide has consistently asked the trade community for binding rules to ensure the flow of data across all aspects of commercial activity. DTN joins the many other industry groups that have emphasized that this must be at the core of the outcome of the JSI. We believe that what 21st-century commerce needs is not […]

The Moratorium on Customs Duties on Electronic Transmissions

The moratorium on customs duties on electronic transmissions should be made permanent. The Digital Trade Network, whose supporters collectively represent millions of businesses of all sizes in more than 173 countries, support the renewal of the moratorium on customs duties on electronic transmissions. In fact we believe it should be made permanent. Given the discussion […]

Digital Trade and the Post Covid-19 Economy:

The Covid-19 pandemic confronts trade policymakers with unprecedented and urgent challenges: To ensure a global recession does not become a global depression; To energize the recovery of international trade in goods and services. To unlock the full potential of cross-border digital trade for economic growth. This extraordinary shock requires an extraordinary response. The goal must […]